Piracy in people’s voice and the grow of Crowdfunding

Has gone the time that the word piracy was be just one meaning: crime. People start to familiarize with the practices knowed as piracy beacuse they can enjoy freely and share with another people. From that point open horizons, this let more evident the true philosophy beyond the information share.

At the begging the most popular sharing was be the music sharing, in 1999 with Napster. With this tool it was possible get any music in your computer, listen it whenever you want and, of course, sharing it with other people. This tool was much accepted by people but bother who used to gain money with this. And bother more when people perceive how much money the industry earn restricting the access to information and want to impose what the new tendencies and what the people could be listen.

Actually, the practice of copy did not arise at this time. In each evolution of media format was always have copy, was be with k-7 tapes, VHS and blank CDs and DVDs. Few people know but this is also considered piracy, because in the contract created by industry, in the moment that you buy a CD or a DVD you commits to don’t share the content with any other person, only you can have access. So, the simple fact that lend a CD to another one is considered illegal under this agreement.

With this “crisis” the independent record labels gained more visibility. As quoted by the journalist Marco Antônio Barbosa, “in the midst of shooting the independent labels would guerrilla troops, compared to the heavy artillery of the multinationals. Small and without many resources, compensate with the agility they lack the powerful multis”.  So, the artists were less and less tied to the need for a major label and now were managing to promote more easily.

Culturaly was changing the vision that how the music was been seen and each more was discussing alternative ways. In all this discussion appear the concept of crowdfunding, which is just a new name of a thing that already was being practiced. It consists in an artist expose your idea and how much he need to make it happen, so those interested contribue financially and the idea thorns a product if reach the necessary amount .

One important fact is that the product only is made if have sufficient people to cover the expenses, with this the artist will not have injury. Perfect! The phonographic industry should be dedicate more time to think in alternatives based on will of people rather then try to combat piracy imposing that people follow which the industry impose.

People don’t wanna to pay a product beacuse it’s expensive, the traders consider expensive but sell in this price beacuse the taxes. If we follow this train of thought, by elimination process, we will found the real culprits that.


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